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Introduction of our activities

Azumino City Tensan Promotion Association is working to pass on the traditional sericulture and expertise, which have been nurtured in the climate and history of Azumino, to future generations and to disseminate our knowledge to many people.

  • Wild silkworm rearing

    We raise wild silkworms that have long inhabited Azumino in the traditional way. We also visit local elementary schools to help children learn about the raising skills and attraction of wild silkworms.

  • Reeling

    We reel raw silk in the traditional way and produce silk yarns by hand.

  • Weaving

    A hand loom is used for weaving. Visitors can see the weaving demonstration at the Wild Silk Weaving Studio.

  • Production and sale

    We weave silk yarns from the harvested cocoons and produce kimonos, stoles and small articles for sale.

  • Promotion and educational activities

    We hold seminars to introduce the ecology of wild silkworms and the history of silkworm rearing. We also organize workshops to make corsages using cocoons and tapestries with table-top looms to help people become familiar with wild silkworms.

  • Publicity

    Our activities are covered on TV, in newspapers and other media. We also organize special exhibitions and other events in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

  • Management of Tensan Center

    We manage Azumino Tensan Center with the designation of Azumino City.